International conference in memory of outstanding Russian hydrologist Yu B Vinogradov.
In 2017 Prof. Vinogradov would turn 85 years old...


St. Petersburg
28-30 March 2018


Writes the wind, sea, river, stream, write beasts, writes the earth when she wrinkled her forehead somewhere and suddenly closes the channel flow sweep of the mountain range or destroy the city. But only man is capable of and inclined to consider their actions supposedly blind forces of nature as the letters as objectified mind. ... Every reality of nature can be perceived by us as something written as an expression, a verse epic drama. Sensing so characteristic of godly people, children and poets, as well as a true scientist ...

Y. B. Vinogradov


Y.B. Vinogradov

Y.B. Vinogradov is one of the leading Russian scientists in the field of hydrology. He is the author of over 100 scientific papers, including several monographs on fundamental mathematical modeling of hydrological processes, disastrous hydrological phenomena (floods and breakthrough mudflows).

Yuri was born December 7, 1932 in the city of Samarkand. He studied at the Faculty of Geography of the Central Asian State University (Tashkent, 1950-1955.), Where he specialized in the geographer-hydrologist, and then in graduate school of the Institute of Water Problems and Hydraulic Engineering, Academy of Sciences of the Uzbek SSR (head VL Schultz). In 1960 he defended his thesis “The method of calculating the maximum expenditure rain floods in the conditions of Central Asia.”

He worked successively junior and senior researcher at the same institute, and then since 1964 – head of the department of mudflows and Deputy Director for Research (1972-77 gg.), Kazakh Scientific Research Hydrometeorological Institute (Alma-Ata). Here, under Alma-Ata, their unique experiments were organized to reproduce artificial floods.

In 1972 he defended his doctoral dissertation on “Rain floods and the method of their calculation in the conditions of Central Asia and Southern Kazakhstan.”

In 1978 he joined the State Hydrological Institute (Leningrad). In 1990 he received the title of professor in “hydraulics and engineering hydrology”. Excellent Hydrometeorological Service of the USSR (1971), Honorary Worker of the Russian Hydrometeorological Service (1999), has the medal “Veteran of Labor” (1990)

During the 1979-91 biennium. mudflow problem was chairman of the commission of the Scientific Council of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the USSR “Complex use and protection of water resources” and the Scientific Council on Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology of the USSR.

From 2001 he worked at the St. Petersburg State University, taught courses “Mathematical Modeling”, “Mountain hydrology”, “Modern hydrology problems.” Under his supervision 12 candidates was prepared.

In recent years, the life of Yuri working on a monograph, in which laid the fundamentals and defines the problem of formation of future hydrology. Two books – “Modern Problems of Hydrology” and “Modelling of hydrological processes” were published in 2008 and 2010. Over the final monograph of a trilogy titled “Applied Hydrology” Yuri worked until the last days of his life, it was published in 2014.



Yuri died on September 30, 2012, without completing a lot of them conceived in hydrology. All his life he was selflessly devoted to science, only subtly felt and loved nature, and natural hydrological processes and phenomena that he observed almost the entire territory of the former Soviet Union from the Baltic Sea to Kamchatka. He very carefully and professionally done field work, pointing to a difficult catchment areas of business, rather than words, how to observe, measure and process the results. To successfully then use the data in simulation. Only one experiment mudflow near Alma-Ata, carried out under his leadership and with direct participation of the world’s first and only scale, speaks for itself. Yury Borisovich succeeded to awaken in people the best that was in them, creative activity – the quality of a true leader!

But the most important thing for over 50 years it has inspired the work is not interrupted for a single day, on the books, models, solutions of equations or in the production and development of new trends in hydrology.


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