International conference in memory of outstanding Russian hydrologist Yu B Vinogradov.
In 2017 Prof. Vinogradov would turn 85 years old...


St. Petersburg
28-30 March 2018


Writes the wind, sea, river, stream, write beasts, writes the earth when she wrinkled her forehead somewhere and suddenly closes the channel flow sweep of the mountain range or destroy the city. But only man is capable of and inclined to consider their actions supposedly blind forces of nature as the letters as objectified mind. ... Every reality of nature can be perceived by us as something written as an expression, a verse epic drama. Sensing so characteristic of godly people, children and poets, as well as a true scientist ...

Y. B. Vinogradov



“NPO” Gidrotehproekt Ltd. “Valdai


General Director - Ph.D. Alexey Yurevich Vinogradov

LLC Scientific production Association “Gidrotehproekt” was founded in 2007 by specialists, hydrologists and currently is the largest hydro-meteorological surveying company in Russia. The company carries out production activities in all federal districts of Russia.

field of activity are the hydro-meteorological and geodetic surveys, including: complex and hydrometeorological surveys, researches for transitions of linear structures over water obstacles, hydrographic works, installation of metering of water consumption and waste water, monitoring of groundwater and surface water, hydro-meteorological calculations and projections, regime meteorological observations, upper-air observations and calculations, calculations of hydrometeorological hazards, hydro-biological monitoring and work, geodetic monitoring gauges, buildings and hydraulic structures, surveying precision during repairs at industrial sites, tracking precipitation and deformation of buildings and facilities.

NpO “Gidrotehproekt” makes engineering investigations in full compliance with the regulations in force and according to the procedures laid down in the respective national regulation (Sp), SNIp, and instruction manuals. In addition, the company developed its own standards for the calculation of the maximum runoff of small rivers, streams and parameters of debris avalanches.

The organization is equipped with modern appliances, hydrological, meteorological and geodetic instruments, floating craft. NGO “Gidrotehproekt” has its own car fleet and production base.

The main asset of the NGO “Gidrotehproekt” is a close-knit team of experienced professionals. Since the founding of our organization led by Candidate of Technical Sciences Vinogradov Alexey Yurevich. The total number of employees more than 70 people. Including 2 doctors and 7 candidates of sciences. 26 Organization experts have specialized hydrometeorological education and extensive experience in the field of meteorological research. 7 also experienced surveyors are working in an organization with specialized education, hydrobiologist 3, 2 and 1 geologist ecologist.

«NGO” Gidrotehproekt Ltd. “supports research in hydrological modeling and is one of the main organizers of the First and Second Readings Vinogradov.


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