International conference in memory of outstanding Russian hydrologist Yu B Vinogradov.
In 2017 Prof. Vinogradov would turn 85 years old...


St. Petersburg
28-30 March 2018


Writes the wind, sea, river, stream, write beasts, writes the earth when she wrinkled her forehead somewhere and suddenly closes the channel flow sweep of the mountain range or destroy the city. But only man is capable of and inclined to consider their actions supposedly blind forces of nature as the letters as objectified mind. ... Every reality of nature can be perceived by us as something written as an expression, a verse epic drama. Sensing so characteristic of godly people, children and poets, as well as a true scientist ...

Y. B. Vinogradov




The department of hydrology of land
Institute of Earth Sciences of St. Petersburg State University

Supported by:

Hydrograph model research group (St.Petersburg, Yakutsk)

АNО NIC «Geodinamika» (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk)

Institute Of Earth Sciences, St.Petersburg State University

Gidrotehproekt Ltd. (St. Petersburg)

State Hydrological Institute

“The river that comes down from the mountains, lay by many large rocks on its shore sand that still retain some of their corners and edges; and during the course brings with it more stones erased angles, i.e. large rocks make less; and below lays pebble, then fine, then there is coarse sand and fine him; followed by coarse sludge him – is more subtle, and so, still, pouring it in a sea of muddy sand and silt from the water … “(Leonardo da Vinci)

“The contact with nature, the scientist – is an attempt to reach her some spiritual, aesthetic, intellectual and scientific harmony. Being in a state of such harmony should not weaken throughout the human life, it can only be transformed by acquiring both the penetration depth and breadth. If this transformation is not, then – it’s a sad symptom. Ceasing to learn, comprehend something new, a scientist begins to harm their science … ”

“But just talking about the methodology of science is not a disease method of treatment” (YB Vinogradov)


Program Committee


D.Sc., Professor VV Dmitriev
(Saint Petersburg State University)

MV Bolgov

Institute of Water Problems of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

EL Boyarintsev

Odessa State Ecological University, Odessa

SS Chernomorets

Moscow State University

SA Dvinskih

Perm State Research University

NL Frolova

Moscow State University

BI Gartsman

Institute of Water Problems of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

VG Kalinin

Perm State Research University

NA Kazakov

Far East Geological Institute of Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences,


NI Koronkevich

Institute of Geography of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

LM Korytny

Institute of Geography of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Irkutsk

ML Markov

State Hydrological Institute, St. Petersburg

KN Nosov

JSC “Sevkavgiprovodhoz”, Pyatigorsk

GV Pryahina

Institute of Earth Sciences, St. Petersburg State University

VV Shamov

Pacific Institute of Geography of Far East Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladivostok

AYu Vinogradov

Gidrotehproekt Ltd., St. Petersburg

TA Vinogradova

Institute of Earth Sciences, St. Petersburg State University

EV Zaporozhchenko

JSC “Sevkavgiprovodhoz”, Pyatigorsk

VA Zemtsov

Tomsk State University

IIIModelling school mentors

Georgy Ayzel

University of Potsdam

Johannes Cullmann

World Meteorological Organization

IIIОрганизационный комитет

Andrey Ostashov

St. Petersburg State University

Dariia Sokolova

St. Petersburg State University

Liudmila Lebedeva

Melnikov Permafrost Institute, Yakutsk

Natalia Nesterova

St. Petersburg State University

Olga Makarieva

Gidrotehproekt Ltd.; St. Petersburg State University

Tatyana Parshina

St. Petersburg State University


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