International conference in memory of outstanding Russian hydrologist Yu B Vinogradov.
In 2017 Prof. Vinogradov would turn 85 years old...


St. Petersburg
28-30 March 2018


Writes the wind, sea, river, stream, write beasts, writes the earth when she wrinkled her forehead somewhere and suddenly closes the channel flow sweep of the mountain range or destroy the city. But only man is capable of and inclined to consider their actions supposedly blind forces of nature as the letters as objectified mind. ... Every reality of nature can be perceived by us as something written as an expression, a verse epic drama. Sensing so characteristic of godly people, children and poets, as well as a true scientist ...

Y. B. Vinogradov


Second Vinogradov Readings

International Conference and Workshop for young scientists and graduate students the memory of outstanding Russian hydrologist YB Vinogradov Vinogradov First Reading “The future of hydrology” was held in Saint-Petersburg State University 16 – 18 November 2013 with the support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

  • The official website of the conference in 2013 placed all materials Vinogradov First Readings: keynote presentations, including foreign participants, presentation of the best student papers, abstract book and photos.
  • conference organized by the department of hydrology of the Institute of Earth Sciences, St. Petersburg State University and the “NPO” Gidrotehproekt “. The conference was supported by a grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR). The conference was held in English and Russian languages.
  • The conference was attended by representatives of major academic, public, regional scientific and educational centers and organizations with experience in hydrological studies. Interest in the conference showed the international centers: UNESKO; US Center hydrological forecasts; German Federal Institute of Hydrology; Organization of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization of Australia; University of Lancaster, UK. The conference report 72 (15 lectures, discussions, section 40, 17 poster presentations) have been included.
  • At the conference, two school-workshop for young scientists were carried out: “Modelling of processes of runoff formation in a variety of physical and geographical areas” and “Mathematics and cartographic modeling of flood zones using remote sensing data.”
  • The conference program was included watching popular science film “The Tale of debris flow” based on the results of unique experiments on the artificial reproduction of landslides, conducted by prof. YB Vinogradov at Alma-Ata in 1980.


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