International conference in memory of outstanding Russian hydrologist Yu B Vinogradov.
In 2017 Prof. Vinogradov would turn 85 years old...


St. Petersburg
28-30 March 2018


Writes the wind, sea, river, stream, write beasts, writes the earth when she wrinkled her forehead somewhere and suddenly closes the channel flow sweep of the mountain range or destroy the city. But only man is capable of and inclined to consider their actions supposedly blind forces of nature as the letters as objectified mind. ... Every reality of nature can be perceived by us as something written as an expression, a verse epic drama. Sensing so characteristic of godly people, children and poets, as well as a true scientist ...

Y. B. Vinogradov


Scientific sessions

Snow and permafrost hydrology

Ecohydrology and water use

Engineering and applied hydrology

Hydrological hazards

Innovative research methods in hydrology

Regional hydrological studies


Conference objectives

Objectives of the conference - the creation of a permanent platform at the St. Petersburg State University for:

…debate on the problems of hydrology and its future development

…create new approaches in hydrological studies and broaden their use in applied tasks

…overcome the disunity of scientific schools and hydrological community of Russia

…support students and young scientists who will take lead on the development of science and its effective use for the benefit of people in the future

…Discuss the issues of education and personnel training in the field of hydrology



Supported by

Hydrograph model research group (St.Petersburg, Yakutsk)
АNО NIC «Geodinamika» (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk)
Institute Of Earth Sciences, St.Petersburg State University
Gidrotehproekt Ltd. (St. Petersburg)
State Hydrological Institute

IIIModelling school mentors

Georgy Ayzel

University of Potsdam, Hydrology and Climatology research group

Boris Gartsman

Water Problems Institute of RAS

David Gustafsson
Swedish HydroMeteorological Institute,



Fabrizio Fenicia
Eawag: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology


Roundtable discussions

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Cultural program

  • Museums and theaters
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School of hydrological modelling

  • The Second School of hydrological modelling for young scientists, students and PhD students will be conducted before the conference (24-27 March, 2018). It will include the lectures of Russian and foreign scientists and practical courses on several hydrological models. The program and the list of lectors are to be announced later

Y. B. Vinogradov Prize for students, graduate students and young scientists

  • In order to support the younger generation of hydrologists established Prize. YB Vinogradova for students, graduate students and young scientists in the field of hydrology. First prize will be awarded to the second Vinogradov Readings. The procedure for granting the award and its amount specified.

Hydrointellectual game

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Support of young researches

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Важные даты

1 October

15 December

Deadline for Abstract submission and registration

1 February

Paper submission deadline

15 February

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